Security For Premises

Do you run a warehouse? An industrial plant? Or a company? We understand the security risks involved. We provide round the clock security for such establishments. The guards who do this are specifically trained to identify and mitigate risks. We

Bodyguards & Escorts

We provide bodyguards and drivers for personal security. Our bodyguards are carefully selected and have relevant experience in the military/law-enforcement. They have specialised knowledge personal security arrangements.

Events & Conferences

Events require immense planning. Leave the security to us! We evaluate the venue, plan logistics and take charge of all safety concerns at an event from start to finish. We enable the smooth functioning of an event and plan for

One Stop Solution for Better Security

In today’s unpredictable world, it is important for a business to protect its assets and employees from any contingency. Don’t waste time and energy planning your security. Leave it to the professionals! We at Positive Force Facility Management Pvt Ltd take your safety very seriously. We have comprehensive security solutions tailored to suit your every requirement. We ensure that you can run your business smoothly without worrying about safety

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Who We Are?

Positive Force Facility Management Pvt Ltd is a Licensed security agency. We are first amongst few security agencies in Tamilnadu who had obtained a Licence from the Police Department to run a security agency. The basic ethos of the company

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best security agency in the field, learning and growing with each experience and creating satisfied and loyal customers. We strive to provide the best possible service with the least red tape. If there is

Our Founder

Positive Force Facility Management Pvt Ltd was started by the late Lt. Col. PAB Franklin, an officer with the Indian Army. In his illustrious career, he served in forward areas such as Jammu and Kashmir, the North-East states of India


Positive Force Facility Management Pvt Ltd was the one of the first few companies to understand the importance of Security in the community we live, work & strive. At Positive Force Facility Management Pvt Ltd, we value Government recognition as

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